ALL ABOUT INTERNAL PRONATION (and how to Prevent & Heal injuries)

What is Baseball Internal Pronation? Internal Pronation (IP) is the intenal rotation of the throwing hand after pitch release. It is the culmination of the kinetic chain reaction’s entire energy load being released into the pitch. So many good things going on here! Staying loaded at separation, riding the back hip into footstrike, and the […]

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How Dynamic Balance Peaks your Energy Transfer & Athletic Performance

Since athletic movement is based upon counterbalancing opposite body parts equally, there is no such thing as a “balance point” when performing. Physics, kinesiology, and kinetics have continually proved the aforementioned for decades – contradicting popularized theory based training. This counterbalancing “act” is known within the sports science world as DYNAMIC BALANCE. When dealing in athletic […]

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How to Optimize Kinetic Chain Reaction & Release

A KINETIC CHAIN REACTION is a sequence of reactions wherein a reactive product causes additional reactions to occur. This releases energy in a timed sequence. In baseball, this “sequence” causes energy release in the form(s) of kinetic, elastic, or mechanical energy. If one “sequence” is misaligned, the remaining sequences faulter. A perfect example of Kinetic Chain Dysfunction […]

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